We are experts at renovation of stained glass, and are active members in good standing of the Stained Glass Association of America. This organization sets the guidelines for the restoration of historical stained glass, as well as standards and usual methods used for all stained glass applications here in the United States and internationally.

As we grow and develop new skills and options we can offer to our clientele, we look toward the future and other facets of design with glass. We are branching out into glass work incorporating torch work; bead and marble making, and 3~dimensional glass art. Just this past year, we have been working with metalsmiths, and wrought iron, what a contrast!! We have just completed a custom designed bronze door pull with inlaid Italian bazzazi glass mosaics.


These new challenges are leading us into new and expanding discoveries that enhance our abilities to meet the ever-changing needs and desires of our clients. We keep our minds open to new ideas and challenges. Some of our most interesting pieces are because of wondering "if this will work".


Ellen and George Caillouet
Owners and Designers

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