Our studio provides the public all facets of custom designed art glass; encompassing custom beveling, painting, firing, slumping, etching, carving, fusing, laminating, glass mosaics, and mirroring glass to create each individual design to the desires of each individual client.


Within our business, we are able to draw on varied resources to create diverse and unusual glass art. We also focus on the established and traditional techniques and designs, as these are timeless in their beauty and longevity.


Absolut Art Glass Studio is very diverse. At the time of first contact with each client or designer  we work very closely to create the art glass on paper. Then, with their needs in mind, choose methods to produce the desired results, such as custom beveling, textured glasses,  colored glass ( clear colors or opaque), or painted and fired detail. Once the design, the techniques, and the materials are decided upon, the small scale drawings are converted to the actual size pattern-- and the production of this project begins.



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